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We are a new Australian hardcore punk record label formed out of the ashes of Snapshot Records that has been around since about 1994.

Snapshot Records in its time released records and tracks on compilations for bands such as

Toe To Toe, Mindsnare, AVO, Parkway Drive, Grim Reality, Bulldog Spirit, Tutti Parze, Subversion, Noisam, Ceasefire, Straight To A Tomb, The Blurters, Blood Duster, Redstain, Meataxe, 25 Ta Life, Spazz, Limecell, Rupture, Anti Seen, Arms Reach, Forward Defence, Violent Abuse, Rukus, Hate is Enough, Against, Gacys Place, Rocks, Heads Kicked Off, The Corps, Pitfall, Price of Silence, Stanley Knife, Self Reliance, Day of Contempt, Crosscheck, The Worst, Charter 77, Urban Mayhem, Three Found dead, Tenth Dan, Life Love Regret, SUX, Walsh Street Cop Killers, Bastard Squad, Frontside, No Grace, Fallout, Drawback, Sommerset, Nihilist, Stand Against, Disengage, Undertone, Age of Distrust, Mugshot, Bleeding Face, Spastic Van, Nintendo Police, Stockholm Syndrome, Fast Times, The Business, Farenheit 451, Kiarra, Strength Within, Murder, The Rats, Terrible Virtue, Shot Point Blank, Sense of Purpose, AIDS, Stronger than Hate, Taking Sides, Means to an End and many many more.

We are also in the middle of shooting a doco under the same name "Inner City uprising" about the early days of the Sydney hardcore punk scene till now, There are about 78 interviews being conducted with guys and girls from bands, record shops, publicans, punters, and more. So far weve reached about 35 interviews and were are continually plodding along adding more to the list...stay tuned.